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Our Operating Principles

Building a startup is hard. We've found that we perform best as a team when we work together with some common principles.


1  \ Obsess Over Users

We win when we know the problem better than everyone else. We achieve this by deploying forward with our users where they are doing their work.


2 \ Obsess over mission impact

We generate as much mission impact as we can on every deployment. You can work anywhere. You work here to impact national security.

Image by SpaceX

3  \ Operate with speed

​​Once you think you know the right thing to do, do it as fast as possible. Our advantage is iteration speed. We can build 20 versions before others deploy v1.

Image by Jason Briscoe

4 \ Own the outcome

Know the top 3 things that matter in your job and obsess over them until they are done and done right. You’ll make mistakes; that's ok.  Just make new mistakes. ​

Image by Dima Pechurin

5 \ Leave your ego at the door

We’re doing something new. It’s hard. We will all make mistakes. This is okay. Own your mistakes and communicate openly so we can all learn.

Image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen

6 \ Operate with Integrity

Make your kids, doggos, grandma, family, friends proud. When in doubt, always do what you think is right over what is expedient, easy, or comfortable.

Image by Ausanee Binney

7 \ Be Transparent

If you’re communicating about something that involves multiple people, throw everyone in a channel or add them to a call. Inclusion leads to transparency and trust.

Image by Leigh Cooper

8 \ Put your wellbeing first

We have a team of high achievers that absorb a great amount of pressure to get the job done. Do not put Vannevar ahead of your health and well being.


9 \ Team of Jedi

We’re building a team of jedi -excellent teammates that are the best at what they do. This can be immensely rewarding but requires that we separate when people aren’t a good fit.

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