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Vannevar Labs raises $12M in Series A Funding


We’re excited to announce that we raised $12M in new funding to help bring the best of American technology to the public servants that keep our country safe.

Since January, our first product, Decrypt, has been deployed across nearly a dozen key mission groups in the government. Decrypt is now driving some of our most important military and foreign policy decisions by enabling our government partners to understand and respond to foreign actors in ways previously not possible.

Vannevar exists because we believe in public service. We believe our democracy and government improve only if we put serious, collective effort into maintaining them. And we think we owe it to the people that keep us safe to bring our best effort in serving them.

How we operate: Silicon Valley / government collaboration on critical national security problems

The government, as it turns out, works on really important problems, especially in the national security space. Too often though, the operators and intelligence analysts doing the most important work have the worst access to modern technology. A core reason for this is that Silicon Valley doesn’t understand Washington’s problems. The best and brightest engineers usually don’t know the mission and therefore can’t build the right solutions.

We’re different. Half of our team comes from the national security world. The other half are engineers from great technology companies that understand how to build products quickly. Together, we have one focus as a team: massive mission impact for our government partners, and we use our combined expertise to achieve this objective.

We also do something common in Silicon Valley but radical in the defense space: we develop and test product side-by-side with our users, including on US military bases and remote locations abroad. I think a deep understanding of our partner’s mission sets is the only way we can build good product, and you only get the understanding in the national security space by spending time in the trenches with these groups.

If you’re amped by the mission, join us

We are a place where people of diverse, exceptional talents can apply their skills to problems that are difficult and absolutely worth solving, and we’re just getting started. We’re hiring across product, engineering, mission, and business operations roles and expanding our presence from Silicon Valley to DC. If you’re interested in the mission, drop us a resume here. We’d love to hear from you.


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