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Defense for the digital domain

VANNEVAR LABS combines top software engineering talent with decades of mission experience to get state of the art technology to the people that keep us safe.
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A foreign text workflow platform built for national security.

Persistent data collection

Decrypt decentralizes global collection to pull public data from difficult- to-access, high-leverage sources.

Collaborative application

Flexible user queries quickly surface mission-relevant data to share, exploit, and distribute.

Third-party integrations

Decrypt was built on open architecture that enables rapid integration with other government and commercial applications.

Cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our ensemble approach to translation uses best-in-class organic and third-party natural language processing models to ensure that all sources are translated accurately and immediately.

Managed attribution platform

Decrypt manages all attribution for users. Data is collected once by our layered obfuscation methods so endpoints are never touched by users.

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